We change your way of watching living video online


OMNILIVE easily set free the potentiel of your videos everywhere on the web
and give all your fans and clients more engagement and more emotion

Feature 1

100% Emotions

With html5 power, OMNILIVE communicate
all the emotions of your filmed event.
Give more points of view and get more engagement from your fans.

Feature 2

Video 2.0 right now

OMNILIVE is for all your online videos , it is a radically new mobile tactile user experience.
Give more proximity and get more social sharing.

Feature 3

More engagement

OMNILIVE lets you create more conversation with audiences and for the same investment,
multiply your social reach
Give specific content and get more virality

For demo purpose only - use keys 1,2,3,4 or your mouse or your finger. swipe and cycle, pin and unpin preview thumbnails.


Because content is king : Engage all your fans and give them an innovative user experience with unmatched performance : NO latency, NO loading wheel;
Just seamsless switches, just the way it should be !
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Engage your audience with OMNILIVE

Innovate and engage all your fans !
You have questions ? You are ready to jump in the action.
Contact us by mail or by phone +33 6 15 73 17 97

For all the festivals and performances

You are a record label or a festival promotor; monetize your videos with a creative value proposition Give fans never-seen before point of views and a radically new social experience

For all brands

You are a brand; push omnilive content to your community leaders and engage your audiences on the web

For all the sport

You are a rights holder, a broadcaster, a sport federation or a sport meeting organiser expand your audiences and give a new type of exposure to your sponsors on the new connected screens


For videos games, e-learning and MOOC and new multi angle commercials on the web

Who is already producing Omnilive ?

..and who are our partners

Client 1

On France Inter get all your favorite radio show in video and in OmniLive

Client 1

MIT is using OmniLive to bring a new dimension to it's online classes

Client 12

Omnilive is working with Amaury Groupe to experiment with L'Equipe and Le Parisien

Client 9

Live all the emotion of classical music and opera in OMNILIVE on

Client 3

Music fans, rendez-vous on the website

Client 3

1Beyond partners with OMNILIVE in the USA to offer the best and most innovative lecture / capture streaming system

Client 2

BVA, the french marketing and opinion insight institute has outfited it's Boulogne center with OMNILIVE systems

What the press and the users are saying
#OMNILIVE - #multicam

Testimonial 12

"#AmauryLab : quatre start-up sous l'aile du groupe Amaury" Read the full article

Le Parisien Eco - Sandrine Bajos | 16 Mars 2015

Testimonial 5

"On Live the experience @taratata 2.0 with all the cameras and the directing of Pullicino at the same time!! #trucdefous"

Nagui @Nagui - Proud owner of Taratata

Testimonial 6

"Combining our cameras and capture hardware with OMNILIVE enables us to offer venues a low-cost multi-camera recording/streaming solution with superior customer experience: the viewer can select their own angle of view and no AV personnel need be on-site to do the recording."

Terry Cullen - President of 1Beyond

Testimonial 7

"Disruption with good ol'TV !.. Everybody can now direct their own tv showon the web" See the interview…"

Jean Michel Billaut @Billaut - Yvelines ·

Testimonial 1

[ParisTech Entrepreneurs #2] Become the director withOmnilive

La startup parisienne est notamment partenaire de la société Air Productions de Nagui pour son émission Taratata. Parmi les artistes déjà captés par Omnilive : Zazie, Keziah Jones, Grand Corps Malade ou encore Boy George. See the interview

Testimonial 2

[Startups] 7 French startups that revolutionize TV and video consumptions on the web

La télévision est un objet qui fascine toujours les entrepreneurs. De nombreuses startups se lancent en effet sur un secteur en pleine mutation pour tenter de révolutionner les usages des téléspectateurs et tenter d’apporter une nouvelle dimension à l’expérience audiovisuelle.... Read more

Testimonial 3

Taratata Generation 2.0 hosted by Nagui

La nouvelle version de Taratata c’est ce soir à 19h00 sur Plug RTL. Ne ratez surtout pas cette émission tant attendue ! Read more



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